PC Interview Tips

Hello from Guyana!

Recently I have gotten a few messages about interviewing with PC. Because of this, I thought I would put together a short post about what the interview looks like and what you can do to prepare for it.

First and foremost, PC has not changed their interview questions in a long time and you can find them online almost word for word. I have also provided the general outline below. If you would like to know more about my responses, just sent me a message!

The interview consist of three parts:

  1. 3 Get to know you questions
  2. 5 Experienced-based questions
  3. 8-10 Topics to consider

For part one, really think about your answers. This part is not only a way for the interviewer to get to know you but also to gauge how serious you are about this job. Your answers shouldn’t be focused on large scale impacts, such as changing the world, but rather wanting to make small impacts like helping a community create sustainable projects.

For part two, you are asked about your experiences in specific ways. Your answers should be based off of experiences that lasted longer than two months to best show your level of commitment. You can use the same experience for more than one answer, but don’t use it for all answers. For this section, I strongly suggest you use the STAR method so you fully and completely answer the question. If you don’t know what the STAR method is, just google it! 🙂

The last part of the official interview includes the interviewer discussing various challenges you might face in service and how you’ll overcome them. For this section, always provide a why. Why do you perceive it being a challenge or why do you not perceive it being a challenge.

The more serious you take the interview, the more prepared you’ll be and more confident you’ll feel during the interview. Just take a deep breath, be a confident, and be yourself!

I hope this helped. Email me through my Contact tab above if you have any questions! My next post will about my first couple of weeks in Guyana. Stay tuned!

XOXO, Mere



Part One: 3 Get to Know You

  1. Why do you want to be a Peace Corps Volunteer?
  2. Why do you want to serve in the (insert your field) sector?
  3. Why do you want to serve in this part of the world?

Part Two: 5 Experience-Based

  1. Tell me about a time when you had to adapt to living or working with people from another culture. Have you stayed in touch or visited them?
  2. Tell me about a time when you worked in an unstructured situation. Were you effective or successful?
  3. Tell me about the most meaningful situation you have experienced helping others. What motivated you?
  4. Tell me about a time when you had to fulfill an important obligation but it ended up being harder than you thought.
  5. Tell me about a time when you were able to transfer knowledge or skill to others. Walk me through your lesson plan. What challenges did you face?

Extra questions you could asked:

  1. Tell me about the most challenging experience you’ve had working in a team.
  2. Tell me about a challenge you faced with little or no support.
  3. Tell me about a stressful time in your life. How did you cope?

Part Three: Topics to Consider

  • Different foods than I’m used to (specifically asked if vegetarian)
  • Health issues
  • Living without electricity or running water
  • Privacy
  • Geographic isolation
  • Gender roles
  • Minority challenges
  • Lack of access to one’s own religious services
  • Alcohol (in cultures where it’s either excessive or prohibited)


Questions to ask interviewer:

  • What where some of the interviewer’s challenges they had to overcome?
  • What motivated you to get up each day when things got hard?
  • During their 27 months, did you ever consider resigning?
  • Under the section Professionalism, Dress and Behavior, the paragraph said you cannot wear shorts, t-shirts, and open toed shoes. Is that just refereeing to in a professional setting?
  • What are the steps taken to ensure the safety of the volunteers?
  • How would I be able to take advantages of the benefits of serving with the Peace Corps? (Loans)
  • I tried to make my application flexible and available to many open positions, why did you chose me for this specific position?


Information to have on hand

  • Country’s Peace Corps page
  • Info on your sector (both general and specific to position)
  • Current events in your country

Author: Meredith Brewer

My name is Meredith and I am a 24-year-old lifestyle blogger. I was born and raised in Central Illinois, but I recently lived in Guyana, South America, where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I started my first blog, Peace of Guyana, during my service in order to share my experiences with more people. Now I have started my second blog, Unbounded Adventures, as a lifestyle blog where I’ll be sharing whatever is going in my life. Whether I post about healthy living, traveling, my dog, or just life things, my goal is to inspire others to not forget to appreciate small things that bring happiness in life!

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