The Back Story

Hey there! Welcome to my first post!

For anyone who knows me, you know that I am not an “open book” kind of person, but you also know that after graduation, I will be leaving the States behind to live in South America for 27 months.

Image result for comfort zone gifOver the next three years I will be challenged daily by my Peace Corps service. However, I want to challenge myself outside of my occupation, and that is where this blog, Peace of Guyana, comes in! I have neither considered myself a strong writer, nor have I ever used writing to express myself. But, here I am trying something new and out of my comfort zone. Let’s see how this goes!

First, I thought we could ease into my first blog ever with some “fun” facts about me.

  1. I am a senior at Bradley University, and in May, I will be graduating with a B.S. in Health Science with minors in International Studies and Health.

    Me and my cute grandma!
  2. My grandma is my favorite person in world and the funniest travel buddy!
  3. I am obsessed with sloths. They are about the only living thing that I get emotional over. 
  4. After the Peace Corps I want to continue school to become a physical therapist.
  5. My favorite movies include Step Brother, Forest Gump, and White Chicks, and I love binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, Parks & Rec, That’s 70’s Show, and Game of Thrones.

Now that I shared the most basic knowledge about myself, I’ll provide some background info. Put simply, I like to say I am from Central Illinois. A broad statement right? Well, I lived Mahomet, IL, until I was 11 years old, and then moved to Danville, IL, where I livedScan 19 until I graduated high school. At seven my grandpa died of cancer, and my parents divorced when I was nine. What a sob story, am I right? Well from then on, it hasn’t been rainbows and butterflies, but since I am still getting used this “sharing your feelings on a blog” thing, I’m not quite ready to share those aspects of my life yet. 

I would like to mention that not every moment in life has been sad and traumatic. In fact, I am very fortunate to have had the opportunities and experiences put before me thus far (a.k.a. the Peace Corps). I honestly have to thank the influential and inspiring teachers I had at Danville High School for impressing upon me the aspirations and goals I have right now. Without them, I would not have been recommended to be in AP classes, attend Bradley University, study Health Science, or pursue the Peace Corps. Although I do not go back to Danville as much as I should, I will always appreciate the people and experiences I’ve had there, and it will always be home to me! Go Vikings! 😁

During my time at Bradley, I have also had just as many influential professors and alumni advisors. I have been fortunate enough that they have now impacted my post-graduation path. They have helped me take my aspirations from high school and shaped and prepared me to obtain these goals after college. I have learned valuable skills, and I am ready to use them during my service. All of which I had to convince the Peace Corps I had. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 12.28.45 AM
For those of you who do not know what Easter Seals is, it is a national non-profit organization that provides services to children and adults with disabilities.

My last (and most momentous) influence on joining the Peace Corps was serving three terms with AmeriCorps at Easter Seals Wisconsin (ESW) Camps.

During summer 2016 and 2017, I left Central Illinois behind for the woods in Wisconsin Dells, WI, where I fell in love with camp. During the first summer, I served as a Respite Apprentice (i.e. a camp counselor) at Camp Wawbeek. My experience that summer was so life-changing that I re-applied for the next summer as the AmeriCorps Aquatics Specialist! My time with AmeriCorps inspired me to seek out similar opportunities for the future, and that is how I started considering the Peace Corps for my post-graduation plans. Before returning for my second term with AmeriCorps, I spent my junior year researching, pursuing, and preparing the Peace Corps application. I applied so early, that I was fortunate to recieve an interview while at my second summer of camp!


Although I am sad I cannot return to camp for a third summer, I know this next path I am pursuing will provide me with lasting memories, new friends, and new experiences! So stay tuned because . . .

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Author: Meredith Brewer

My name is Meredith and I am a 24-year-old lifestyle blogger. I was born and raised in Central Illinois, but I recently lived in Guyana, South America, where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I started my first blog, Peace of Guyana, during my service in order to share my experiences with more people. Now I have started my second blog, Unbounded Adventures, as a lifestyle blog where I’ll be sharing whatever is going in my life. Whether I post about healthy living, traveling, my dog, or just life things, my goal is to inspire others to not forget to appreciate small things that bring happiness in life!

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